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RE: Help - paid member re-subscribe
20 October 2020 02:50 (UTC) [Posted by: Site owner]
Currently, if you cancel your paid member subscription, you cannot re-subscribe. I'm making a lot of changes, and you will be able to re-subscribe in the future. Another major change will be the subscription will become yearly, rather than monthly. This will take a bit of work, so bear with me.

19 October 2020 07:45 (UTC) [Posted by: Jeff]
My member expired how to restart

RE: more vids pls
21 September 2020 13:21 (UTC) [Posted by: Site owner]
I've uploaded a few vids just now.

more vids pls
21 September 2020 08:24 (UTC) [Posted by: Jeff]
:) :) :)

Intermittent service from 8th September to 12 September 2020
17 September 2020 11:20 (UTC) [Posted by: Site owner]
The intermittent service issue that was experienced on 8th September 2020 until 12 September 2020 has now been resolved.

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