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Privacy Policy Notice

Last updated: 9 September 2018.

This privacy policy notice is for hereafter referred to as Ballbust1.

If you do not agree to the following policy you must cease using this website.

Ballbust1 will keep a log of all visitors, recording your IP address, URL visited, time of visit, download byte size, method of data retrieval, referring URL and user agent (which includes the name of your operating system and browser name). Ballbust1 do not share this data with third parties. This data is used for traffic analysis and website security (i.e. preventing hacking attempts). This data is kept indefinitely.

Any data that you submit to ballbust1 will record your IP address, host name and proxy. Submitting data include adding a link, submitting comments to the bulletin board, posting an advert in Meet Up and submitting a story. Your IP address is not shared with third parties, unless you falsely impersonate that party. Ballbust1 will never make your 'full' IP address public, this is to prevent DDoS attacks on website visitors. Part of your IP address will be used as an identifier in the bulletin board.

If you provide personal data in the Meet Up advert page, all details provided will be displayed to the public. This data is not encrypted. You may use the Delete Me section to remove your advert.

Cookies are small files stored on a users computer or device. Ballbust1 do not use cookies. However, this website contain adverts, which are served through third-party advertising partners. Ballbust1 do not control the actual adverts displayed by our advertising partners. Advertising partners may use cookies for advertisement personalisation and measurement, on this website or its partners. If you have any concerns about this, do not click on any adverts. Ballbust1 may change advertising partners, for details of current advertising partners being used please make a request through the bulletin board, and may then visit those websites to opt out of the use of cookies for personalised advertising (if the advertising partners offers such capability).