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17 December 2019 22:50 (UTC) [Administrator entry]
I know lots of people are dissatisfied with the site. I've been processing new videos, but they are likely to be available to paid members only, and I've also been holding back on some good videos for the paid section. Any video I place on the site in the future, I want to make sure the quality is worthy. I come across a lot of rubbish ball busting videos, I don't want those to clog up the site. I won't be rushed into any of this, I'm going to take my time. I'm a very busy person with little time. I don't promote the site, it's not going to take off any time soon. As for the video search, I can put in a keyword field, but again, I'm in no rush, because nobody is paying for the site.

11 December 2019 23:29 (UTC)
It's kind of repetitive with video links being posted in the Links category instead of as videos. If you want this site to get more traffic it seems like the video and photo section could use better organization/tagging options, instead of only being able to search by filename.

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